Soleil (Poème)
The one-dimensional man (short story)
Need (Poem)
The secret of reality (science/phylosophy)
Gaia's Universe

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Au-delà de l’horizon, le soleil fit son nid
Laissant derrière lui un monde assombri
Sa lumière éteinte, les yeux se ferment
Sa chaleur perdue, les corps se couvrent
Au delà de l’horizon, mon soleil est parti
Laissant dans mon corps, un vide ébahi
Sans sa lumière, joie devient peur
Sans sa chaleur, mon âme se meurt
Reviens soleil, reviens
Ne me laisse pas dans le noir
Sans toi pour guider mon cœur
Ma vie tourne au désespoir
Là bas, derrière l’horizon
Le soleil est revenu
Caressant de ses rayons
Le cœur des êtres perdus
Mais derrière mon horizon, mon soleil a disparu
Les jours passent et se succèdent
Mais il n’est pas revenu
Et seul dans mon monde obscur
Je n’ai que pour seule lumière
La lueur d’espoir de son retour


Lawrenz Lano




One day, the artist had an inspiration. He decided that he would create his most magnificent work of art.  This work would be the envy of all. This work would be the jewel of his creations.
The artist took his brush. It drank in the paint. His brush danced on the canvas, the strokes precise and sure. The colors on the canvas mingled and interlaced. Turquoise married magenta, which in turn married emerald. The tints multiplied creating a myriad of colors rivaling those of the rainbow.
The artist immersed in his painting ceased to eat, to sleep. This masterpiece must be flawless. A few more details here, some minor corrections there, the brush strokes more supple.
The days went by, but still flaws the artist found. More colors here. Less light there.
After six days of intense work, the artist laid his brush to rest. His work was finally done. He scrutinized it with a critical eye but no flaw could he find. This work was indeed a jewel. No artist had ever created something so close to perfection. The artist knew that nothing was perfect, nevertheless, if imperfections there were, his eyes could not find them. If imperfections there were, insignificant were they. These insignificances could not undo his masterpiece. Happy and content the artist took a much deserved rest.

The insignificance became aware of its existence. Who am I? What am I? It studied its surroundings and little by little came to the conclusion that it was unique. All around it were of various textures and colors, while it was plain and pure, unchanged. Why am I different? There must be a reason.
The insignificance tried to acquire the knowledge needed to better understand its existence. It studied its environment and studied it thoroughly. It realized that it was part of a great work created by an artist, but that it alone was different. If unique I am, important my existence must be, my destiny. But what is it?
The insignificance decided that it would search for the artist. Only he could enlighten it. But elusive is the artist. Every so often, the insignificance thought it glimpsed the artist, but too brief were the encounters that it often wondered if it had really seen him. But it would not give up. If it had glimpsed the artist, then must it not mean that the artist was also watching it? Perhaps if it showed him its devotion, the artist would show himself more often.
The insignificance then became totally devoted to the artist. It would send out its devotions many times a day, when it woke, when it went to sleep and before each meal. But always, no answers came. Why doesn’t the artist answer? I need his guidance!

The artist watched his work. Great joy it brought him. Every day, as the artist watched it, great pride he felt for having accomplished this miracle. But mixed with sadness was his pride. If this was his ultimate work, then what was his goal now? Would he now be able to settle for an inferior work? The only way to continue creating masterpieces, he thought, would be to stop comparing them to the others. As long as this magnificent masterpiece was in his sight, the artist was incapable of inspiration. The artist made a decision. He took his jewel and placed it amidst his previously created works. He took his brush and suddenly was overwhelmed with inspiration. So absorbed was he with his new work, that he never heard the devotions coming from the multitudes of insignificances amidst his multitude of works.
Lawrenz Lano



I need you my love
To keep me warm
To keep me safe
To make me whole
I need you daddy
To hold my hand when I’m sick
To chase away the nightmares
To make me laugh when I’m sad
I need you husband
To provide for our needs
To be a father for our kids
To be responsible
I need you dad
To pay for my education
To pick me up after the party
To buy me brand clothes
I need you…
To leave me be
To stop telling me “I can’t”
To let me be my own woman
I need you old man
To stop asking me questions
To keep out of my business
To stop prying in my life
And I need you all
To stop needing me so much
To stop asking so much of me
I need you all to leave me alone
At last..I am alone…
I need…someone
To tell me I’m needed again

Lawrenz Lano


The secret of reality

The dimensions of reality are not to be confused with the physical dimensions of physics.

The spacial plane of reality (first dimension of reality)
Space- the distance between objects

Let us take for example, a one-dimensional plane, ergo, an infinite line. We select two points on this line and move the points one million point-distance away in either direction. Now, the two points are 2 million point-distances away from each other. We have shown that distance can be travelled and measured.

However, in reality, the points haven’t gone anywhere, because to the line, they are still where they were, an infinity away from infinity and so, at the center of infinity. Infinity lies in either direction. The movement is only perceived by the two points. To the points, their position before is different from after. Their past is different than their present. To the line, however, their past is equal to their present. Every point on the line lies an infinity away from infinity and therefore they all lie at the same place.

The same can be said for a point on a two or three-dimensional plane.

The temporal plane of reality (second dimension of reality)
Time- the interval between events

For the same reason, time is an illusion. If time is eternal, then all times perceived is equal because “anywhen” you find yourself, you will be an eternity away from eternity. Therefore all times are equal. All times happen at the same moment. The time perceived as today is also the time perceived as next year. The linear flow of time that we perceive is non-existent to the time plane.
Therefore, time = now and space = here. Throughout our existence we are where and when we are supposed to be. All times are now and all places are here.
You could say that all dimensions are not planes but singularities. If infinity and eternity lies in all directions to where and when we are, then we exist only in its center. Space and Time are just points or holes in reality or zero-dimensional, where all experiences are perceived.

The energy plane of reality (third dimension of reality)
Energy- the force to create and destroy

The third dimension is Energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it is also infinite and eternal. Energy is what drives all dimensions to infinity. Energy is forever present.
We perceive it through creation and destruction. but energy is simply life and therefore eternal. Death is only a perception.

Energy is seen as being used in different ways. Stars seem to consume and create great amounts of energy and the universe seems to be driven by it. But that too is illusion. Energy cannot be consumed. To consume implies an end.
Energy = life.
And so now, the mind comes into play.

The consciousness plane of reality (fourth dimension of reality)
Consciousness- meaning and enlightenment

Consciousness is the fourth dimension. Without consciousness there cannot be existence. Consciousness is also infinite or more precisely all encompassing. It encompasses all other dimensions into meaning and enlightenment. As individuals, we believe that Consciousness is lodged in our mind but that too is illusion. The mind accesses consciousness to bring enlightenment. Just as we perceptually travel/access all other dimensions, so it is for Consciousness.
We exist but since we are not singularities we are neither infinite nor eternal. We are finite, as is everything around us.

Since everything is finite, the road must lead somewhere. The concept “Where” now exists. My life is nearing its end. “Time” now exists. I consume to survive; “I live”. 
Consciousness gives reality meaning and purpose through understanding and enlightenment.

Just as depth/height/width are products of space, the past/present/future a product of Time, life and death a product of Energy, meaning and enlightenment are products of Consciousness. We seek knowledge and understanding but it is forever present.
Consciousness is God. It creates existence. “I think, therefore I am”. It takes the singularity of reality and expands it through perspective.
Space=here but perspective gives it height/width/depth. Time=now but perspective gives it past/present/future. Energy is life but perspective gives it death. Consciousness is faith but perspective gives it science.
Yes, science is a product of Consciousness. It allows us to give meaning to all there is. Faith doesn’t seek meaning; it just is as it should be. Faith is the reality. Science is only the means through which perception can be measured.
Consciousness = faith
In conclusion, if space=here, time = now, energy = life, consciousness = faith then reality is the knowledge that existence is here and now.
And so now we can answer the old question; "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"
Since the head of a pin is a singularity then the answer is; as many as the mind can perceive.

Gaia’s Universe

  • Creation
  • God
  • Aliens and God
  • Created in its own image
  • The soul and Gaia
  • Creating consciousness
  • Time: a perception


15 billion years ago, a force created the universe. Most of us have decided to name this force, God. We also make ourselves believe that this God with his wisdom has created us and that we are special to him.

So 15 billion years ago God rejoiced in his creation. He studied all he had created and spent the first 10 billion years enjoying the collision and births of galaxies. He revelled in his multi dimensional, complex, ever expanding and ever evolving creation. And then 5 billion years ago he decided that a new star was to be created in our region of the universe. He called this star Sol and decided to have it circled by a few planetary bodies. The third planet, he thought would be a place where he would create something different. It would have to be different from what was already in the universe. The universe after all was already full of life because that is what he had already created. The galaxies and everything that comprised them birthed and died, and that was life. But now he would create organic life. But it took him a few billion years to decide on what this new life would be. 

After a time, he created this new life and seeded it throughout the planet. Plants and great beasts were the results. After watching them for 250 million years, God decided that it was time for a change and so wiped out all he had created. For 65 million years he pondered on what would be a good replacement. Finally he decided to create a divine flawed creature called, man. A creature that would worship him. A creature  whose task was to live a life of purity despite all of his flaws.

According to ancient texts like the Bible, man is no older than 6000 years old, but science has shown that man has peopled the earth for more than 1 million years. If that is the case, then who were these ancient men? Were they God’s first prototypes? Were they God’s first mistakes? But how can a perfect being like God make mistakes? Shouldn’t he be able to create a perfect being from the get-go? He created a universe but had a hard time creating a human being?  No, the answer is much simpler; God did not create man, at least not in the sense that he did it voluntarily. God created the universe and all in it, so man was created by God but indirectly.

It is reasonable to assume that God’s universe spawned life throughout its existence and that in the course of its 15 billion years many worlds had time to spawn myriad types of life forms. We have achieved spaceflight in such a short time. If a world had spawned intelligent life 1 billion years before us, the chance that they developed spaceflight is very likely. They may have travelled the universe and finally reached our sector. Once here, finding primitive hominids could prove a good opportunity to experiment. Genetic experiment and cross breeding could have evolved this primitive to something worth investigating. These primitives would be taught rules to live by. They would call their makers Gods and man would believe in his divine destiny.


God is the force that created the universe as we know it, but aside from that, our existence is of no particular importance to Him/It. If God is a conscious being He/It cannot possibly keep track of every particle of its creation. He/It probably looks at His/Its creation and thinks, “I did a wonderful thing”, nothing more.

I do agree with the notion that we are destined for more than merely exist, however. I do not exclude the possibility that what we call death is not the end. After all, the body may die but as it does it is transformed and lives on it other form. We may not think of rotting away as living, but nothing truly ceases to exist; only its original form seems to. An exploding star may be gone but its repercussions continue to ripple out throughout the cosmos. Our world, Earth, Gaia will continue to give our former body a use until it too will die and follow our sun on its final breath to wherever it leads.
The Bible, the Torah and other religious books cannot be dismissed easily. They speak of God and his messiahs and witnesses of miracles. They may have lasted millennia but their explanations can be dismissed easily…Aliens.

Aliens and Gods

Although the existence of extraterrestrial life has yet to be conclusively proven, one must be totally ignorant to dismiss its possibility. Thinking that we are the only living beings in this vast universe is presumptuous and conceited. Every day more evidence points to the fact that we may indeed have been visited by other beings throughout history. Ufologists as well as many from the scientific community are taking the matter seriously but most people are unwilling to entertain the possibility, although the number of believers grows every day with many unexplained sightings reported every day worldwide. Even the Vatican has admitted the possibility by stating that if these beings did exist, they would be our brothers.

So if these beings did visit us in the past, it is likely that they had an effect on our primitive ancestors who probably worshipped them as Gods or God. Thus giving rise to untold religions and mythologies. Different races of beings would most likely have given rise to different types of worships, which over time would develop into today’s major religions. Each believing that theirs is the only truth when in fact all are true but also all wrong. The God or Gods we worship are Aliens unless we worship the creative force of the universe. But this God isn’t aware of our existence.

God created us in his own image

This phrase (God created us in his own image) above all else points to the fact that our existence is less prodigious than we think. If we are created in his image, then God is similar to us but more powerful and knowledgeable. How can a being similar to us create the universe? Does this also mean that we have the potential to become like Him, we too will reach Godhood? Then, He cannot be God but only a perceived god.

What he can be however, is a scientifically advanced being, who through genetic manipulation has given rise to the specie called Man. And we can see the resemblance we have with him because we too are on the verge of creating life as well. We can now clone and give life from seemingly nothingness. We can now create new species like the liger and many new plants. We want to create new worlds by spreading out among the stars and transplanting life through terraforming.  And when these worlds are ready we will plant some of our creations and guide them and give them laws to follow. They will think of us as their Father and will worship and fear us. The circle will be complete. We will become God. But we will still be only men.

The soul and God/Gaia

What is the soul? We have been taught that it comes from God but perhaps the answer lies nearer. Perhaps the soul is not really as mystical as we think. It may be that it is a normal part of what we are. Its energy may come from the planet itself. Our bodies were created from it as well as all life on earth. The energy we call the soul may just be the earth’s energy or Gaia’s. Why does everything we cannot see necessarily be mystical? Maybe what we call mystical is just simply unseen by our instruments. We have detected many things in this universe that were unseen for a long time. Infra and ultra frequencies for example or microscopic particles are finally detectable. In time we will probably find a way to detect the energy we call the soul and when we do, we will realize that mystical is merely the undiscovered.

Or perhaps planets such as ours, planets which spawn life, are alive in the cosmic sense. Maybe they are the life of the cosmos while we are simply by-products and if this is the case, these planets are simply the gods we should worship. If the planet created us as well as the other life forms on it, which would seem more sensible, then shouldn’t that be the case? The soul may simply be an energy generated by the planet. When we die, it returns to the planet just as our body does.

But is there more to it? What about angels and ghosts and demons? Many have claimed been witness of such things.
Maybe this energy is tied to the consciousness of the planet and through our experiences, it evolves. Angels and demons may be other manifestations of this energy, the planet’s emotions.
But what of our energy/soul? It too must somehow live on, but will we ever be aware of our previous existence?
Probably not. If existence continues it probably starts anew.

Yet hat of people who experienced near death and claim to have seen loved ones? What about ghosts? If any of theses things are true then doesn’t this show the possibility that the soul lives on?
Or maybe it shows that these souls/energies that linger on are not willing to move on to become whatever the next step is or perhaps something is preventing them to move on. Just like embalming or mummifying a body prevents it form moving to its natural next step.  Like us, fighting death to stay alive as long as it takes, whether our life is good or bad. Finding ways to extend our lives in this present form through whatever means science can conjure, denying ourselves the chance to move on for fear of the unknown.
And these souls waiting for us on the other side? It may possibly be a way to entice us into moving on. However, knowing that people you’ve known in this life are waiting on the other side may be a reason some souls refuse to move on.

Time: a perception

When you look at the night sky, if you see a star 25 light years away you are seeing it as it was 25 years ago. If you look at a star 1000 light years away, you are seeing it as it was 1000 years ago. Therefore, when you look at the night sky you see different time lines. Every star and galaxy in the night sky is, at our moment, present at different times. Some of these stars may no longer exist, but to us they do. They exist in at least two time lines, their past and our present. But they also exist from the vantage point of every other star. Each star perceives a different era. As you perceive your present you also perceive an infinite number of pasts. But which is real? Is the real time line the one that happens when you are actually standing on the star itself? If we could zoom in close enough to that star and observe the beings present on one of its planets, to us, the scene we were observing would seem real. Watching the daily going-on of its people would be real.

Now, if we were to continue watching them as we travelled towards them at the speed of light it would seem that we were fast forwarding their time line and we would see their lives rushing by until we’d finally arrive 1000 years later on the surface of the planet itself where we would assume that the unfolding time line was its present. However, back home 1000 light years away, a being is watching me thinking to myself that I’m experiencing this planet’s present, while he is saying I’m watching this guy the way he was 1000 years ago. Both are real and both are not. It is the observer that determines the present. The present is what the observer perceives.  I perceive the present but the observer 1000 light years away who finally sees me is saying to himself that guy over there doesn’t know that he’s been dead for 1000 years.
Although to me I perceive the present, this moment will be preserved and in 1000 years someone will perceive it as his present.
So time seems to be affected by distance and perception. Is perception due to light? Light is energy. Therefore time is a function of space and energy and perception. As distance or space increases time perception changes due to light or energy.
time= perception/distance/ energy     t=perception/d/mc2 ????? But what is the formula for perception?



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