Inuyasha's Friends

From the moment he was born, Inuyasha has been a loner. The only bond he shared was with his mother and later in his life, he fell in love with Kikyo. Unfortunatly, Kikyo's seemingly betrayal should have forever turned him from trusting anyone again.

But then Kagome came along and through her ministrations, he started to care again. His circle of friends grew as a result. Inuyasha would not be alone again.



Being the reincarnation of his former love, Kikyo, Inuyasha could not help having growing feelings towards Kagome. Through her love of life and care for others, Inuyasha learned the meaning of love and friendship. Like Kikyo, Kagome has the powers of a priestess. She is the only one besides Kikyo, who can see the sacred jewels shards.  She is  quite adept with her bow and arrows which she imbues with spiritual energy.


This orphaned fox demon has found a home among Inuyasha's group. Because of his youth and playfulness, he is treated as a child by most, but he often seems more mature than he looks. Shippo wishes that his demonic powers could prove more useful in battle, but his friends know that they can always count on him. His fox magic is based mostly on illusions but his transform magic has often helped them out of bad situations.


Often referred to as a lecherous monk, Miroku does indeed love women, but over the course of his journey, has become quite fond of his companion, Sango. Miroku has a bad habit of stroking women's bottoms and asking them to bear his child. Miroku is the most powerful of Inuyasha's friends. His wind tunnel is quite formidable and nothing can resist its sucking force for long.


This demon slayer is skilled in various fighting techniques but her skill is unmatched with her favorite weapon, the Hiraikotsu. This giant boomerang was forged from the bones and souls of vanquished demons. Sango has hidden growing feelings for the monk Miroku and sometimes lets her guard down to show them. Unfortunately, Miroku usually takes this as a hint for him to stroke her bottom which always ends up with him getting slapped in the face by an enraged Sango.


Sango's faithful companion is a strong demon cat. She is a fierce fighter and can cast fire attacks. Kirara can fly and lets her friends ride on her back. When she is not in battle mode, Kirara transforms into a small kitten.


The flea demon Myoga has been a servant of Inyasha's family for quite some time. He was serving Inuyasha's father before Inuyasha was born, at least 200 years ago. Myoga is not very helpful when it comes to fighting, because he usually runs away when things get started. His help comes mostly from information which he often shares about various topics. He also has a great taste for blood and usually manages to get a drink out of someone whenever the chance offers itself. Myoga's blood sucking ability however, has often been helpful in ridding poison out of  his friend's bodies.


The priestess Kaede is Kikyo' sister, and like Kikyo,  possesses spiritual power. Her skills do not compare with her sister's but Kaede is quite adept with herbs and is a skilled healer.


Friends by necessity


The leader of the wolf demon tribe is not Inuyasha's favorite person. Koga is cocky, self important and conceited. He and Inuyasha are always at odds with one another ever since Koga kidnapped and professed his love to Kagome. Koga has two jewel shards in his legs. He use to have three but lost one. With these shards he is very quick and his demon skills are amplified. Koga has often crossed paths with Inuyasha because he too is in search of  Naraku. Over time, Inuyasha has learned to tolerate Koga's presence due to Kagome's insistance. Although Inuyasha dislikes Koga he knows that Koga would never harm Kagome and would probablly die trying to save her if he had to.


The ressurected Kikyo also seeks the destruction of Naraku. Because of him, her life that could have been never was. Her love for Inuyasha was twisted and shattered by Naraku. She knows that she can never reclaim what she has lost. Kikyo's spiritual power is second to none, and she is one of the greatest threats  to Naraku.


Totosai is a master weapon craftsman. He forged the three swords of the great dog demon, Inu no Taishou (Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father.) Totosai has great knowledge but getting information out of him can prove quite harrowing because his memory is not what it use to be.

Friends by association


Hachi is Miroku's servant. He is a raccoon dog demon and he is not very brave. He often helps the team by transforming into a giant floating balloon and giving them a ride. His demon skills allow him to transform into different people for some time.


After Miroku's father's death, Mushin took over the role of mentor to young Miroku. These days Mushin spends most of his time drinking sake and sleeping but Miroku still has great affection for his friend.

Hakkaku and Ginta

Hakkaku and Ginta are Koga's faithful friends. Following their leader wherever he leads them and trying desperatly to keep up with him. Over time,  they became fond of Inuyasha and his group because of the kindness that Kagome has shown them.


Leader of the northern wolf demon tribe, Ayame is betrothed to marry Koga.


Higurashi family


Kagome's family have given Inuyasha a taste of what a family feels like.

Uneasy alliances


Sesshomaru despises his halfbreed brother, Inuyasha, and wants the sword that his brother inherited from their father, the Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru's own inheritance, the Tenseiga, is an affront to him because this sword is useless in battle. Sesshomaru is a demon of incomparable power, possibly the most powerful after Naraku. Naraku is an abomination that Sesshomaru has sworn to destroy. In his search for Naraku, Sesshomaru must often cross paths with his halfbreed brother who is also on the same quest.


Jaken is Lord Sesshomaru's undying loyal servant. His only wish is to serve his Lord but Sesshomaru is not an easy man to live with and his temper is quite volatile. Nevertheless, Jaken's obedience is absolute and no desire of his Lord will he refuse, even watching over his Lord's new mortal companion, Rin. Jaken's most precious possession is his staff of two heads, a gift from his Lord.


Sango's younger brother is under Naraku's influence and although he is a skilled demon slayer, under Naraku's influence his skills have become sharper and deadlier. Kohaku is often used by Naraku to cause dissention among Inuyasha's group. To Inuyasha, Kohaku is an obstacle to dispatch but because of Sango he must restrain himself to avoid killing the boy.

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