25 toughest battles

Throught its eight season run, Inuyasha has had to deal with many enemies, many of whom could have been the end of him. But through resolve, determination, the help of his friends and more often than not, plain stubborness on his part, Inuyasha always managed to overcome such adversity.

The following in my list of his 25 toughest opponents. The results of course, are debatable as more likely than not, fans will have their own ideas as to who belongs where. 

Yura #25
Yura was Inuyasha's first real opponent. At that time, Inuyasha did not rely on his Tetsusaiga since he did not own it yet. Yura's tangled webs of hair proved pretty effective against Inuyasha because he could not see them.

The Thunder Brothers #24
The Thunder brothers, Hiten and Monten, had powerful lightning attacks that caused great damage. They were powerful adversaries and many fell victim to their attacks, including Shippo's father.

Koga #23
The leader of the wolf demon tribe gave Inuyasha a good workout. It took Inuyasha great effort to evade Koga's lightning quick attacks which were amplified by three jewel shards.

Taibokumaru  #22
Taibokumaru was the leader of the bat demon tribe and grand father of the half demon, Shiori. Taibokumaru felt confident of his victory while protected by the barrier that Shiori was creating. However, once Shiori cast him out of her barrier, Taibokumaru proved no match for Inuyasha.

Tokajin  (the sage) #21
Tokagin was a powerful adversary only because at the time Inuyasha encounterd him, Inuyasha was in his mortal form and thus was no match for him. Tokajin's gourd and jewel shards made him an opponent to be reckoned with.

Priestess Tsubaki #20
The dark priestess Tsubaki was mainly a challenge for Inuyasha because she held Kagome's life in her hands. Inuyasha had to fight without his Tetsusaiga.

Suikotsu #19
Suikotsu, like all members of the band of seven, is a psychotic killer. His fighting skills coupled with his wicked claws made him a very dangerous foe.

Renkotsu #18
Renkotsu was the brain of the band of seven. His powerful fire attacks were not his only weapon against Inuyasha. His skills in metallurgy and chemistry allowed him to create many weapons for his colleague, Ginkotsu.


Panther Demons (Karan Shuran Shunran Toran) #17
Karan of the fire, Shuran of the lightning, Shunran of the flower and Toran of the ice (who was able to hold her own against Sesshomaru for some time), as a team, the panther demons are powerful foes. Most single op
ponent are no match for them.

Entei #16
Entei, the demon horse, had incredible speed and  evaded every attacks Inuyasha threw at him. What increased his power was the combined might he shared with his rider. At first, Rengokuki was his rider but when Hakudoshi earned the position, Entei became even more of a challenge.

Goshinki #15
Goshinki was one of Naraku's incarnation. His greatest skill was that he could anticipate his opponent's attacks by reading their thoughts. Inuyasha could not lay a hand on him. Goshinki's teeth were so strong that they bit through the Tetsusaiga and broke it. Inuyasha defeated him by fighting him hand to hand in his berserker full demon form. After his defeat, Sesshomaru had his sword Tokijin made from Goshinki's teeth.

Juromaru And Kageromaru #14
The combined tactics of Juromaru and his parasitic twin Kageromaru proved to be quite a challenge for inuyasha. Thankfully for him, his friends were a valuable asset in defeating these two. Koga's help didn't hurt either.

Gatenmaru #13

Gatenmaru and his kind have a very strong poison attack as well as a very toxic substance which they regurgitate in the form of webbing with which they encasse their foes in corrosive cocoons. These cocoons are quite resistant and nearly impenetrable. Inuyasha was fatally poisoned by Gatenmaru and would have very likely been digested but with the help of Miroku he survived long enough for his demonic powers to kick in.

Kagura #12  
The mistress of the wind is a formidable foe. She has very powerful attacks with her Dance of Blades and Dance of the Dragon and she can summon an army of corpses with her Dance of the Dead. Although some of the previous opponent may have been tougher, she merits this position for having been a thorn in Inuyasha's side for a long time. Unlike the  others who eventually were dispatched after a relatively short time, Kagura is wise enough to retreat when defeat becomes imminent.

Muso #11
Muso was a powerful creation of Naraku. This demon held within himself the heart of Onigumo. Being a part of Naraku, Muso's powers seemed to mirror many of Naraku's. He was immortal because he could regenerate his body in the same fashion that Naraku did. Inuyasha could not get the better of him until his weakness was exposed. The spider scar was the source of his power. All Inuyasha had to do was destroy it, however Naraku reclaimed Muso's body before Inuyasha could dispatch him.

Hoshiyomi and the Naginata of Kenkon #10
The Naginata of Kenkon was forged by Kaijinbo, the demon who forged Sesshomaru's sword, Tokijin. This powerful blade gave Hoshiomi so great a power that it overpowered Tetsusaiga by draining its demonic energy. With the Naginata, Hoshiyomi tried to plunge the world in a void of destruction.

Jakotsu #9
Jakotsu is the most sadistic of the band of seven. He enjoys slicing people to ribbons especially the pretty ones. His many bladed sword is almost impossible to dodge and its accuracy is uncanny. When Jakotsu eyes met Inuyasha, Jakotsu fell so much in love with him that all he could think of was tasting Inuyasha's blood.

Ginkotsu #8
Ginkotsu is a man of few words but his weapons make up for it. With the help of Renkotsu, Ginkotsu is equiped with a deadly arsenal of bombs, guns and blades. This rampaging tank is a formidable addition to the band of seven.

Ryuukotsusei #7
Although Ryuukotsusei was defeated while Inuyasha was still learning to use the Tetsusaiga, he cannot be underestimated. Ryuukotsusei could not be defeated by Inuyasha's father. His skin is unbreakable and his attacks formidable. Had Inuyasha not figured out the backlash wave, he would not have survived the battle.

 Bankotsu #6
Bankotsu was the leader of the band of seven and at his peak, possessed seven jewel shards in his body and two in his Banryuu. His fighting skills matched  his agressive nature. His strength and power made him Inuyasha's strongest physical opponent. Inuyasha had to rely on all his physical strength to hold his own against him. His backlash wave was useless against him because Bankotsu was not a demon and did not exude demonic energy, and the windscar equaled Banryuu's attack.

Hakudoshi #5
Hakudoshi was a serious threat to Inuysha because Naraku was his constant protector. Unlike his other incarnations, Hakudoshi was the Guardian of Naraku's heart which made him invaluable to Naraku's plan. Hakudoshi could not be defeated until Naraku had no more use for him and withdrew his protection.

Moryomaru #4
Moryomaru, with the aid of Naraku's heart, became a powerhouse. He absorbed Tetsusaiga's adamant barage and created an impenetrable shell to protect himself and Naraku's heart. He became so powerful that he almost managed to destroy Naraku himself. He might have succeeded had Naraku not anticipated his betrayal and prepared to counter it.

Hosenki #3
The demon Hosenki housed himself in an indestuctible armor of adamant. No matter how hard Inuyasha tried to destroy Hosenki, his failure resulted in he being pummeled by adamant shards. Had he persisted in destroying Hosenki, Inuyasha would have succumbed in the end.

Sesshomaru #2
Inuyasha's older brother is quite possibly the most powerful demon. It was through luck that Inuyasha severed Sesshomaru's arm. Sesshomaru had underestimated Inuyasha's resolve and paid the price for it. Sesshomaru's speed is astounding and he often toys with Inuyasha, testing his limits. Even if Tetsusaiga is the strongest sword, Tokijin is a formidable sword especially when wielded by Sesshomaru. His other sword, Tenseiga, protects him from the deadliest of attacks.

Naraku #1
For 50 years, Naraku has been tormenting Inuyasha and has always been a truly despicable enemy. Ever since the return of the Shikon Jewel, Naraku's power has been growing at such a rate that defeating him is becoming less likely everyday. Everytime Inuyasha is on the verge of destroying him, Naraku manages to display a new ability that allows him to survive.

Honorable Mention:

Kagome Higurashi

Inuyasha has never been able to defeat her "oswari!" ("sit!") command.  

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